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At Maxshield Homes, the most important thing we build is trust.

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15 years Of Experience

Our Story

We’ve Been Building and Remodelling Homes that exceeds  expectations.

What sets Maxshield Home apart from the rest? For one thing, unlike most builders who out-source the majority of the work, we have a full team of gifted artisans and craftspeople all under one roof. They provide every service to our clients, from house plans and interior designs to cabinetry and furniture making.

This holistic approach not only enables us to have complete control of the entire building process, it assures that you get our higher standards of quality and an assurance that the job will be done right – every step of the way.

Our in-house team of home designers, builders, structural engineers, wood workers and interior designers collaborate closely with you from the initial creative concept meeting through the exquisitely executed reality. No corners are cut. Every budget item is carefully tracked. And the final product – inside and out – is something that will leave a good taste in your mouth for as long as you live there.

Our Commitment

We’ve also succeeded by steadily assembling a hand-picked team of master craftspeople, artisans and engineers. Every member of this “extended family” brings decades of formal training and, more importantly, hands-on experience in his or her field of expertise. So, rather than being at the mercy of a cadre of subcontractors and their various whims and workloads, our lateral growth over the years has positioned us to have complete control over quality, costs and schedules.

Frankly, we don’t believe in building homes using the cheapest pre-manufactured materials, standard floor plans, factory-made style and assembly-line construction. The only people who seem satisfied with the results are the general contractor.

Instead, we build homes that suit the unique needs and desires of the homeowner, as well as the prevailing slopes and surroundings of the property.

Years Of Experience

Renovation Projects

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What we do

Build Your Lot, Custom Builds, Remodelling & More

Build Your Lot

When you choose to build on your own lot, the custom home you’ve always envisioned is built on the perfect piece of land handpicked by you, with the help of our home building experts.

Custom built Homes

From consultation to delivery we work with you to ensure your creativity is reflected accurately on your masterpiece home.


Building a home from scratch is great, however remodelling a home can be even more awesome when done right.


Purchasing a new home is thrilling and super-exciting. With us you are well guided on what to expect in this process


Building a home from scratch is great, however remodelling a home can be even more awesome when done right.


A home is where life happens, a true home can produce joy, memories and fulfillment that’s why Maxshield Homes builds trust.

“Maxshield Homes went above and beyond in delivering a home where our family enjoys great moments.”

“I was so impressed with how easy it was to to share my vision and ideas for our home and to see the Maxshield Homes team exceed every expectation.”

“We bought our home from Maxshield Homes based on a recomendation of a friend. Up to this moment it has proved  to be an excellent decision and experience for us.”

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